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The Finer Details… Such As A Pleated Sleeve Top

I am sooooo happy that 2017 seems to have way better fashion designs coming out than last year because in 2016 I was completely boarded with the majority of what I saw on the runways, in stores and on the streets!  This year there seems to be more dainty details, fun sleeves, and way more texture which I am all for!

Here are a few of my favorite finds so far…

A cute, black pleated sleeve top from Forever21 so it was cheap and cheerful, earrings found at Nordstrom a couple of weeks ago and my own clutch!

Blue top with long, flowy sleeves for added drama with my new statement necklace both found on HauteLook!

This fun trends can be paired with anything and can easily make an outfit more edgy and daring without breaking the bank!

Here’s a snap of me in the blue outfit! Amazing how just a necklace can have a big impact on the whole look.

**Disclaimer**  The above products or services is something I paid for myself.  It is not a PR sample and I am in no way getting paid for my opinion or the review.



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