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As an influencer, it is my duty and responsibility to legally disclose if I am being paid for a post or mention of a particular brand so I will always have a disclosure button at the beginning of each post where you will clearly see if it is a “PR Sample”,  “Sponsored Post” or if the post contains “Affiliate Links”.

Here is a quick overview of what each of those terms mean:

PR Sample:  Because I work and have worked in the beauty industry for over 20 years, I get a LOT of beauty products either from business associates, the various organizations I am involved in or from brands directly to test or try.  I sometimes want to share these types of products I receive publically and with you and do so FOR FREE.  This means I am not getting paid by the brand, company or PR agency for my opinion on these products.  They are honest reviews or mentions of products I genuinely want to share with you, my readers.  To be honest, I probably only share about 5% of what I receive from companies (so you can image my office – it’s full of all sorts of beauty, fashion and lifestyle products!!) but those are either the ones I am most excited about or I feel I want to write about.

Sponsored Post:  Very rarely do I do any sponsored posts, however, you will see some here and there.  I will only work with brands that I feel are right for me and TheBeautySeeker.com.  Testing products, photographing products and writing reviews take a lot of time so it’s nice to get paid for some of your hard work!  Trust me – I have a full-time job, but getting paid and working with brands on bigger collaborations is incredibly exciting and I am not going to lie that it makes it all that much sweeter when you are paid for your time.  Once again, you will always know when I am writing a sponsored post and it will be disclosed at the beginning of every blog post.

Affiliate Links:  Often times, I will receive a product as a PR Sample and I will write about it without being paid, but I do have the opportunity to make some money from any revenue generated via what is called an affiliate link.  These links allow the company, brand or website that sells the particular product I am writing about when one of my readers purchases their product.  They know the sale came from me / my blog and I am given a percentage of the sale. Think of it as a commission!

If you ever have ANY questions about the above disclosures, please don’t hesitate to contact me via my  CONTACT page.

Sinead Norenius-Raniere

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