Makeup Contouring With Inexpensive Brands 

I’ll be the first one to say that I love luxury products, clothes, wine and anything else I come in contact with but I’ll also be the first to get giddy when I find inexpensive supplements or products that do just a good of a job at a fraction of the cost! One being makeup contouring products!

As you know I have worked in the beauty industry for over 20 years so I am very lucky to get a LOT of products for free to test and experience but I am just like the next girl who loves long walks down the Sephora or drugstore isles for fun and end up spending money no matter what ’cause all of a sudden I “need” something!

I know I am a bit late to the game of contouring, much to the distaste of my dear friend Golriz who is a makeup artist and founder of Glam Lab Makeup Studios all across the USA, but I am starting to pick up my game after I got one of her kits!  Now I am feeling good enough that I am experimenting with other brands, brushes and more.

One of my most recent finds that I am loving is NYX Cosmetic’s highlight and contouring pallet found at Target

I can see why people are loving this product! There is a wide variety of colors and they are really easy to blend on your skin.  Nothing looks too ashy or gray.

I also picked up a couple new brushes – the Duo Fiber Fan Brush from Sonia Kashuk and the Precision Sculpting Brush and the Contouring Brush from E.L.F. Cosmetics.

Here is a quick photo of my contouring “skills” from today.  Yes, a hallway selfie!

Here is a side by side of a photo I took just a few days before NOT using any contouring techniques and the one from this evening!  Definitely, helps to sculpt the face and create more definition – just wish it was a bit clearer but it is taken from Instagram.  To view the photos in a better resolution click HERE and follow me on Instagram! 🙂

**Disclaimer**  The above products or services is something I paid for myself.  It is not a PR sample and I am in no way getting paid for my opinion or the review. 

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