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Stack Em Up with Sethi Couture

I’m clearly a girl who loves sparkly stuff, especially diamonds, just like the next girl! Recently my amazing husband surprised me with a Sethi Couture rose gold and pave diamond ring to layer with my wedding bands (I did get married to him 3x in one year, after all!) and I am in LOVE with the entire look!

Come to find out, Sethi Couture has been making fine jewelry, especially stackable rings, for over 40 years and are a local San Francisco company!  I immediately went onto their website and started creating my own “wish list” of other rings I am drooling over!  I’ll take one of each below! 😉

Now I just need to buy more rose gold jewelry to go with this new color tone my hubby introduced into my collection! Not unhappy about that at all!


New Cosmetic Brand Alert – OneOverOne

Talk about easy and carefree… The new cosmetic company, OneOverOne was designed with a simplistic mindset. The products are carefully crafted with natural and often organic ingredients that are clean, simple, easy to use and “complement the effortless beauty of your everyday life”!

Jennifer White, the founder and Creative Director of OneForOne believes that each person is already beautiful and there is nothing to correct and nothing to conceal. Instead, their products are there to enhance. I was able to get a sneak peek of the brand lask week while I was in LA and it is gorgeous!

Here is a close up of the lip oils… Just beautiful and so luxurious feeling on:

For more information check out their WEBSITE or follow them on INSTAGRAM and of course I have added OneOverOne to my “Beauty Finds” list, so check out what else I have discovered over there.


Two skincare products that pack a punch by Serious Skincare

I am blessed in many ways, one being that I get to play with skincare and cosmetic products on a regular basis! My latest obsession is with Serious Skincare, a brand owned by Jennifer Flavin Stallone (Yes, Sylvester Stallone’s wife) who largely distributes the products on HSN.

My favorite combo recently is the Glycolic Extreme Facial Peel, followed by their Glycolic Gommage. This duo leaves your skin feeling clean and clear and free of any dead skin buildup.

Here is what both products look like:

This is the Glycolic Extreme Facial Peel – note the Aloe Vera beads in the glycolic for added hydration to the skin:

The Glycolic Gommage is a beautiful, rich, seaweed green color and feels cooling to the skin when you put it on:

So tell me what other Serious Skincare products you’re a fan of? I’d love to know!


Inspire Others

A powerful reminder for today!  It’s so important to remember that there ARE NO MISTAKES in this journey we call life!  Relax, reflect and redirect and listen to that little voice inside.


Creating a New Tribe

Today is about newness!  It’s about change! And it’s about being OK with selecting who gets to be in YOUR TRIBE!

The older and wiser I get each day, the more I realize it is totally appropriate to select people who are closest to you.  You don’t have to “tolerate” someone just because you used to be high school friends or your kids are in the same class together.  Energy is precious so protect it carefully.

Energy is precious so protect it carefully.

So often I see women put up with people in their lives that simply are not a good fit for them or are not healthy for them any longer.  The people you surround yourself with every day should energize you, inspire you, challenge you, support you, love you, encourage you and vice versa.  Now I am not saying that anyone who is having a crappy day should be dumped immediately  – their core needs to be good and you need to feel good around them 90% of the time.  We all have off days and times when we are not at our “personal best” but do yourself a favor and get rid of the weight and extra irritation and angst.

Create your own tribe and select well.  Remember – you are who you surround yourself with.

Maya Angelou